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The Viva shops project was created in 2004, with the aim of creating a central point for purchasing and negotiation of contracts, and in this way trying to take advantage of the effects of economies of scale of a group of stores.

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Os Nossos Vinhos
Rio Sul Since the outset our strategy has been based on 2 basic strengths : Quality and Competitiveness; this brand can be found in all our Cash & Carry outlets and also in more than 16 Countries scattered throughout the globe.

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Leader Price The Leader Price brand is on sale in all the VIVA stores and in the other project member stores. It is a brand of its own, firmly positioned in the independent food retail market. Two features also go hand in hand with this brand image: Quality and Competitiveness.

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Somos distribuidores Olá!
Our logistical operations are centred in our Felgueiras premises, and we are distributors of all products of the IGLO and OLÁ brands.